Property management

Do have property on Aruba, and are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy Property Manager?

At Lemon Stream Properties we focus on providing our clients with high -quality ,personalized , and reliable services.

A hand full of P.M. services we provide:

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Vacation rentals

If you own a house, villa, condo etc you can rent it out for short periods of time with travellers passing through. Lemon Stream Properties has implemented a vacation rental program. Our goal is to provide exceptional service by verifying the quality of the homes and their essentials. We continually improve the guest experience by listening to their needs,  whether it’s better amenities, more helpful information etc. There is always room for improvement. Lemon Stream Properties strive to provide our guests with a 5 star experience.

Long term rentals

Do you want to rent out your studio, apartment, condo or family home, long term? You can list your property on our platform for free! Make an appointment for a viewing, we only allow properties that has been verified personally. When listing your property for long term rental there are a few factors you need to consider to attract the ideal tenant. You want to make sure you have the best tenants, that they are happy and that your property maintain its value while optimizing on your investment.

Copy of Home at piedra plat

Vacancy management

Unoccupied properties are often a target for vandalism and squatters. With our vacancy service we ensure that your property remains unoccupied, is kept safe and secure. Inspections are carried out by our property managers periodically.

Our main goal is to give you a peace of mind during extended stays away from your property. We put value into the overall management of your property and take care of it like it’s our very own.

A Handful of vacancy services we provide

Tenant placement

Lemon stream properties help you find qualified tenants for your rental property. As an owner it is important to attract and retain responsible tenants that will take care of your home and pay rent. As a part of tenant placement service Lemon Stream conducts tenant screening, to increase the chances that the property owner has the best tenant leasing their property.