Interior decor

Do you want to increase your rental Income?

Increase your BOOKINGS!

Travelers book and are willing to pay more for a Unique/Stylish property.

Our goal is to help you achieve maximum potential of your property.

Our Services

Property Inspection

We walk the property with you and provide feedback regarding décor enhancements, color choices and specific items to be added and or refurbished.

Hourly rate: $65

Plan & Execution

After walking the property we will design an interior décor plan and present you a proposal based on your property needs. Once agreed we will start with the execution.

Hourly rate: $65, plus

Project rate: Starting at $800

Full Service

Interior and Exterior inspection, planning and execution. Staging and professional photography sessions for promotion and advertisement.

Rate will be based on an hourly or project fee.

Design Tips:

Use “Local” items

Choose a color palette as guideline

Create a work space

Guests Desires

Travelers now a days are more demanding.

They want clean and well designed properties.

They look forward to unique and instagrammable spaces.

We know and will guide you to achieve these interior looks.

Our goal is to help you achieve maximum potential of your property